Finding Something to Smile About

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Finding Something to Smile About

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The canary in a coal mine?

When its hard to find something to smile about. When you no longer see the flowers in the garden of life. When your looking at pictures of you in the past as another person. Has life changed that much? That the good all around you is swallowed up into a fog? Happiness isn’t all that easy sometimes, until the ebb and flow of moments and events, that cascade into our lives has quieted down and some balance is restored. Happiness can be elusive, but still it should always be sought after. To live a Happy life you need to have happiness in the fabric of your life. The pendulem of emotions, moments, and events, should also swing to the bright side of life.

By luiggiesan

Happy People


Happiness by its very nature is easily shared, with others, but only if they let it in. Lots of storm clouds out there, but it depends on how you look at rain. It can possibly flood your house, but also bring you a beautiful spring. Those people who have the ability to come into our lives and make us feel better for just their sheer presence are truly special. We all have someone we know, who brings a smile to our face just thinking about them. Why not make that person you?

Five happy girls and a cranky guyBy Photochiel


Take the two weeks it’s scientifically proven, to create a routine that makes you feel better. Better usually leads to happy, and happy resides down the street from happiness, their neighbors. With all that goes on in a persons life the responsibilities we all have, we owe ourselves the responsibility to have happiness in our lives. How we feel, effects all those around us, and the closest ones the most.

My Best FriendsBy Jaimito Cartero


Some say we all operate in a more Vibratory world then we truly understand. The theory goes we all have our own tune, the sound we put off by just being alive. When we meet others with the same or similar we tend to be drawn to them. This tends to be also obvious when we meet someone we are not all that happy to be around. As kids we had a more honest environment, in and out of the classroom we all had special friends, and avoided others we didn’t like.

Happiness isBy aftab.


As Adults the reality of modern life is alot of us are stuck in offices and jobs with those we would probably not be around if we had the choice. In a sense the harmonics are off tune and it slowly starts to effect us. A weekend of sheer happiness can be turned off in 5 minutes with your coworkers. Truth is truly happy people seem to be immune to the usual daily negativity, they seem to have found a way to balance their lives with the level leaning towards being happy. So how do we find balance? Sure we can’t all go back to being kids, who would mind the store?  So we look to find answers and there are a wide array of answers for sale…….


Self HelpBy shortie66

What used to be personal and empowering, has now become a booming Business. The Self-Help business rakes in billions every year. Are there really so many unhappy people in the world? As children we didn’t need a manual,DVD or retreat to tell us how to have fun or how to be happy. Do we give up to much of ourselves as we grow up? Are the expectations put on us in our later years, starting to sap the Happiness out of our lives? Was the Happiness that is in all of us, somehow become something we think we need to look outwardly for? Or do we need to only look within ourselves, at how we have changed. The world while always in a state of change, still produces the same children, with hopes and dreams, imaginations, who seek out the activities or people who make them happy.

So while we might like to say everything has changed, isn’t it really us who has?.

SentienceBy dadaikido


Human beings have the incredible ability to adapt, thats how we have survived and dominate the World. Its not to hard of a leap of faith to think we can promote change within ourselves. If you find yourself unhappy with your life, then the easiest solution is to to do those things that make you happy more often. Or try new things that just might.

Franz Josef, New ZealandBy Jason J.


But it goes beyond that, since how we perceive things around us plays an important part in our thoughts and reactions to them, its important to be aware of the negative thoughts and actions that you create throughout the day. All this will come back to haunt you over time, as the negative overtakes the positive. Leaving you with an outlook that is cynical, and unhappy.

Unhappy Chappy BadgeBy rutthenut


Sure life has an array of negative experiences and people we encounter, how they are able to get inside us and spread their misery is up to you. Happiness is not only a state of mind but a state of being. Its when all is said and done you have developed a state of being that allows for you to be happy.

Our Daily Adult life can treat us like a punch and judy doll at times, hits us one way then another, but how you feel when you are at rest is what makes all the difference. A Smile Begets a Smile, a frown only confuses. Happiness in children is like doors that swing open easily, in Adults we seem to need a reason, (key) to open it, and all to quickly close it.



Here are some ideas on how to add things to your life that might open that door to happiness and at least prop it open for awhile.


Heineken Gus and Crazy Chef
By Rafael Praia

1. Call or better yet spend some time with an old friend or family member, you know the one you laughed with the most. Who’s company you always liked being around. Its no coincidence that you probably have many funny stories with them of the past, those moments are still alive, every time those memories cause you to laugh, and be happy, its the Happiness bank paying you dividends. Chances are even conversations about your life now will elicit the same positive view with this person. Usually those people that made you happy in the past will do so in the present.

“Cherish your human connections – your relationships with friends and family.”

-Barbara Bush



Group Jump
By d2digital

2. If you have kids, spend time doing what makes them happy. Make it simple, kids are simple, if they are not then you have more work to do. Its always amazes me how I can have more fun with them throwing a dollar ball around in the pool, then spending all day at a theme park. Try being in their lives, not as the usual disciplinarian but someone to play with. Go to the park, take the time to be in their lives not only as a parent but a friend. Kids are good at awakening our inner child

“Children are the reward of life”

-Congolese Proverb



Hugo evil looking
By Zilindreen

3. Peoples attitudes can seem a lot like their choice of entertainment. News, Blood and guts blockbuster. Pick a comedy over a thriller or a human interest documentary over a big budget end of the world special effects movie. Having a good laugh is important. You tend to see the humor in things when you can laugh easily. Start choosing movies with a good outcome, movies that delve into the human side of life. Watch a good Robin William’s comedy again. The library of feel good movies is amazing. Play Board Games.

Watch the level and amount of violence you and your family watch. It’s a sad commentary that violence is the main genre of today’s block busters. Sadness is what is most generated in us all when people are portrayed in dismay and tragic events. We tend to trend towards what we put in our lives, if its death and destruction as entertainment without the sunshine of uplifting human stories life might start to feel like a real bummer.

 “People will pay more to be entertained than educated.”

-Johnny Carson



Crazy Warrior
By dawn_perry
4. Take the break you need. You can reinvent yourself, everyday is a new experience. If camping is something you miss then do it, take the time to do what really makes you happy. Vacations are one of the most sacrificed personal times that people give up. Think back to when you were a kid and looked forward to vacations. Recycle that now. Its one of the few times in our lives that we have to bond with our kids.

Our brains need this excitement, Monotony breeds mediocrity. Also when you arrive back home, try and keep that new found excitement for life alive. Reawaken that happiness, and share it. This keeps it from fading away, for when you make others happy when they need it, they will in turn return it to you when you need it the most.

 “I do believe that we have the opportunity to continue – I repeat myself over and over again with this – to redefine and reinvent ourselves and as long as we do that, then I think we’ve got some pretty good odds in our favor, because we’re not always presenting the same thing.”

-Patrick Warburton



Happy People!
By The Next Web
5. Keep the human interaction. Laughter is best when heard. Happiness like wildflowers does not thrive in a singular state, it multiplies in order to see its true glory. Happy people have happy families, happy friends. Don’t let the easy enticement of the computer or Video games take you away from you or your children and friends, interacting with each other is critical. Find people with something that you have in common. Take the family out for a fun event, instead of being couch potatoes. And remember to smile while doing it!

 “The first half of life is spent mainly in finding out who we are through seeing ourselves in our interaction with others.”

-June Singer



crazy dawg
By half_empty

6. If you live by yourself, get a pet if you can. I have shared many a good laugh with my dog, its amazing how we are much more connected to the world around us. Language can be a barrier to the free flow of feelings, mammals and animals show us that we can communicate in many ways. It’s important to have something or someone that you take care of, to put someones interest above yourself. People who care for others live a longer rewarding life. If cats and dogs are to much work, get fish.

 “Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms.”

-George Eliot



The Gods Must Be Crazy
By Cayusa
7.If your job or profession is creating to much unhappiness entertain the possibility of making a change. This is a delicate scenario for many, so a little grief with a big payoff is probably worth the trouble. To much grief with little to show for it, maybe is an area that one might look at. The saying goes people only change when the fear of not changing is greater then the fear of change. We spend a large majority of our lives working. While we might not like all that we have to do, when the unhappiness grows to great, then take control of your life and make a change.

 “What we think determines what happens to us, so if we want to change our lives, we need to stretch our minds.”

-Wayne Dyer



Sundown exercise
By sekushy

8.Take care of your health. Stay active. Happiness comes in many forms, and being healthy and fit creates an easy environment for it to grow. If your doing things that are bad for you, make an effort to replace them with things that are good for you. It takes more time then the infomercials tell you. it takes patience and commitment, but the pay off  is the Greater self esteem that will do wonders for your search for happiness in your life. Change your diet, food has a direct connection to how you feel. Eat foods full of life and you will feel the same. Old habits are hard to break, but give it at least two weeks and you can reprogram yourself. Happiness is living a long and healthy life. If you seek the glow of a happy life on the outside, you must take care with what you put on the inside.

“While we may not be able to control all that happens to us, we can control what happens inside us.”

-Ben Franklin



Ken and Sandy (12)
By Nicholaus Haskins

9. Get outdoors. It lifts the mood to be in nature. Your senses come alive. Make walking in the park a part of your weekly routine. But make it fun, if you dread it, chances are you won’t stick with it. Remember nature is 3 dimensional which means you should feel it, go to the lake or ocean. Take a dip, sure there are things to watch out for, to much sun, sharks etc etc. But the same can be said of walking down the street. Let the beauty of mother nature soothe your soul.

“I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.”

-John Burroughs



By shambhavi singh

10. Stay positive. Positive energy will help you with all the that life throws at you. You might not be able to control what comes your way completely, but you can control how you react to it. The ebbs and flow of life brings a wide array of people , events and the emotions attached to them. How you react to them can make all the difference, for yourself and those that are around you, especially your closest family and friends. For the saying we always hurt the ones we love, can be all to true sometimes. How you treat others can be a direct reflection on how you treat yourself.

It would be nice if we could download a “Stay Positive App” but its not so simple. For as complicated as computers are, Human beings are infinitely more complicated. And yet more simple, we are masters of our own domain, we can change course, reinvent ourselves. we are not only the keyboard but the person typing in the information. We are the complete package, we have just to realize that.


“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.”

-Willie Nelson


A Life Lesson

I remember a incident I had a long time ago in Las Vegas. The hotel had given me a room overlooking a trash dumpster. I was not happy and expressed my frustration to the desk clerk. They were fully booked and couldn’t find another room for me. The desk clerk handled my tirades with a smile and calm voice, which deflected my angst back at me. No matter how much I got upset, he stayed calm and collected.

The next day I had to apologize as I felt bad, and I said to him, “You were just to composed and happy, and it pissed me off even more”. He said to me “Its something my Grandma taught me, when you smile you become a mirror that reflects back the energy you’re presented with.” I realized an important lesson that day, how you process what is going on in your life makes all the difference. Filter your life, weed out the negative thoughts, and actions and replace them with positive ones. You are capable of transforming yourself, and your relationship with your friends and family and with the World around you.  When you are not in conflict with your life, there you will find Happiness.

“People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things. When they believe in themselves they have the first secret of success.”

 -Norman Vincent Peale


Happy Face
By nathansnostalgia

“Only surround yourself with people who will lift you higher.”

-Oprah Winfrey



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