Adding Happiness to your Life

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Adding Happiness to your Life

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How do you add Happiness to your life? It would be nice if you could write your own script for your life. Is that even possible? It must be worth a try.  Its the journey we all set out to do.

By Ferran.

beginning - happiness

We set the gauge of our life with Happiness at the top with Love as the true barometer of our lives.  It seems to be rare that we meet people that seem to be in a continuous state of happiness more so then others.

Gobble Gobble Making the crowd very happy

By DaleC/@flickrfumes

Are they delusional! How do two people faced with the same situations in life interpret it so differently? is it in the process that each of us have developed over time a certain predisposed way of looking at our lives and the people and events that shape it and our reaction to it?


By LugoLounge

The glass Half full, Half empty analogy!. And yet it seems even the cynic and the optimist have something in common, they all started out the same way. As children we seem to share more in common with each other then we do as adults.

Felicidad (happiness)

By Ana G. R.

Children seem to pull the happy moments out of thin air.


By yersin

Yes, life as a child is more simplistic, less stress, etc, etc. But there is more to it then that, there has to be. When your life had yet to be played out, you still had happiness, it bubbled up to the surface very easy as a child.

Studio 757 - Virginia Beach Child and Family Photographer

By David Reed | Studio 757 Photography

Children live in the now, not at the proverbial getting there, finally arrived, or the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Their life is an open book with the pages yet to be written.

3D happiness...

By alessandro silipo

While most of us live in the pages already copyrighted, downloaded, uploaded, and already put to archive. The mystery to life has been replaced with the daily struggle. But we still strive to feel happy as a reward for making the right choices, raising our Kids, feeling like we mattered and that we made a difference. But we need more then anything to be happy with ourselves.


T&B Shiny Happy People

By Geoff LMV

Its seems when you are happy with yourself  then you can truly be happy with others. A smile begets a smile, a frown just confuses.

Lucio go round

By stordito

There is a true wonder to life that we catch glimpses of, whether its those special moments, the first time you fell in Love. Watching your children come into this world for the first time. The happiness you feel from your Mom and Dads Embrace. All this happy moments weave into the fabric of our being. These special moments elicit happy memories that last a lifetime.


Ken and Sandy (12)

By Nicholaus Haskins

So it seems we need to make more of a deposit in to our Happiness memory bank on a daily basis. 

La vie est belle. Blessed

By esrad

Since you get the benefits immediately and in the future it seems like a good sound investment. Free from future bail-outs.

Monk at golden Lake

By h.koppdelaney

The interest you collect from so much investing can last forever.

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