Laughter – When You Can’t Contain a Smile

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Laughter – When You Can’t Contain a Smile

Follow Me on PinterestPin ItNothing sounds sweeter then the sound of my children’s laughter. The pure Joy you hear in their laughter warms your heart, and makes me understand what our life is truly supposed to be about. It seems to come as a result of something being funny which caused us to smile, but that just wouldn’t do. It’s more then that, our whole being just convulses in laughter. Laughter, like a smile by itself can bring about the same just on its own. What power it has, to just by its mere presence have the ability to cause others to Laugh. Those that are happiest with their lives Laugh the easiest. Children laugh more than adults, many times more.  Having a good laugh on a regular basis is good for your health. Yet as we grow older we lose those special times to the responsibilities and sacrifices we all make as a part of growing up. But do we have to sacrifice these times? People need to laugh to be happy. When good friends and family are together, they find it easy to laugh. Is it because we are more comfortable with people we know?



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Laughter in Children

Children can make adults laugh without much effort. Is it because we are all connected eternally no matter what age we are? Is that the clue as to why children laugh more? Since they are so young, are they more connected? Is the ability to Love, Laugh and Smile that makes up happiness? Are these all of the best parts of the wide array of Human Emotions? Life can bring about so much unexpected misery. Is it these emotions that help balance our lives?  I have always wondered why more comedians are not given Academy Awards? The ability to make a room full of strangers laugh is precious, people give up a lot of self control when they burst out laughing.


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Laughter Throughout our Lives

We equate some of the best times of our lives to when we had a time full of laughter.  It fills our best holidays, vacations, and our weekends. It pokes it’s head up at work or at school. Laughter like happiness is all around us. It is one of the most precious of emotions, as it gives and recieves sometimes all on it’s own. The Best of all of our Human Emotions do that, they give and receive, they grow stronger and easier at the same time.


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Happiness requires us to Love and to be Loved, to return a True Smile, and of course to Laugh. We have to open up to laugh, its not all that controllable at times. Like Love and Happiness, when you open up to these emotions you just might get more back then you ever dreamed of.

24/365 - Laughter

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Tip: Find a way to incorporate more laughter into your life every day. Laughter is key to finding happiness!


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