Find Happiness in Children?

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Find Happiness in Children?

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Looking to find Happiness in Children?

children's eyes

By Amehare

Does the ability to find happiness start by looking at how children experience happiness? We all start life with a blank page ready to fill up with our journeys and our adventures, it’s what will become the story of our lives. Children have the ability to live so many special moments in a short time, where as most adults have so few special moments in what seems like a long time in between. Time to a child is so different, the days are like weeks, and months like years. I remember packing in so much living in just one day as a child. Children find Happiness, in the absence of what Adults would call the daily grind, they call another adventure. Children still reside in the magical world of make believe, where you can be anybody and somebody and find happiness in their daily routine. With your friends at your side and a good imagination your day is filled with all you need for endless possibilities. This is true in all corners of the world and all walks of life, children seem to be connected still, connected to a place where it’s easy to be happy, easy to feel joy, easy to smile and easy to dream. We spend all our lives trying to find happiness as we toil day to day, trying to feel what we once felt. As kids we dream of becoming adults, as adults we dream of being able to find happiness like we could when we were young.


Palestinian children

By delayed gratification

Find Happiness in Children who have No Means?

I have met so many people that grew up without many needs met, and yet most look back at those times, like myself with great fondness. They never felt or knew what they would discover later was by today’s standards called doing without, and yet children posses the ability to not realize this, because of the magic of being a child they could be anybody that day.  To dream, to create and with that be able to rise up past their current circumstances and take their dreams and their make believe and one day hopefully fulfill.

children in Myanmar

By alles-schlumpf

Find happiness through the eyes of Children?

One of the true blessings of being a parent is to see the world through a child’s eyes again. Children spend all their lives listening and learning from adults, maybe just maybe adults should take the time to learn from their children.  Learn how easy it  just might be to find happiness in the simplest of things. How to rediscover the magic of make believe. Children are still connected, they have the original “App to Find Happiness”. Spend some time with them and “Download it for free”.


By NextStopWilloughby





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