Happiness is the Way! Davy Jones A Daydream Believer

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Happiness is the Way!  Davy Jones A Daydream Believer

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.. I just wanted to be in the show, fall in love twice in each episode and kiss the girls.’

Davy Jones, on his role in the Monkees” — LA -Times


I'm a believer, Davy Jones

By echolalia [echelon


Davy Jones

Can the Happiness we feel in our youth transcend age? How is it when we have the memories of those people and places of our past, they are able to create the power to bring forth the same feelings we had back then? Are they stored in a special place that we carry with us always. It can’t just be memories, it seems to be connected to a deeper place, where the sights and sounds of those times are directly connected to what we were feeling at the time. As if it was just yesterday. We can hear our Brother or Sister laughing, smell dinner on the stove, feel the anticipation of waiting for our special show to come on. Its all to real and is what makes us very special as Human beings, the ability to have these feelings and to help pass them on to the next generation.

happy kids



Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted. 

John Lennon


 By Jay Morrison

With the passing of Davy Jones it brought back those feelings, the sights and sounds of my youth. The Innocence we have when were are young. The days seemed to last forever, days were like weeks, weeks like months. We pack so much living in when we are young. Kids still believe in Magic. Life is to be enjoyed not endured. The Monkee’s were a part of that time for me, their slap stick comedy fit right in with the times. The World around us was changing, and they were a part of it. Sure, I know now as an adult they were just Actors and Musicians, but they were more to us, which is obvious by the feelings we feel with the passing of Davy Jones. We have the empty feeling of sadness that another Icon has left us, but a smile for the feelings they left us with. The Happiness of our Youth and for the part you played in that ,,,,Davy Jones, We will always be grateful!

Hey, Hey, They're the Monkees!

By ShellyS

   I try to be positive today in my life” Davy Jones said earlier this year.

There is no way to happiness; happiness is the way;



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