Happiness is Elusive?

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Happiness is Elusive?

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What is Happiness?

It is often referred to as a state of mind, an emotion that brings a sense of hope in all things possible. A feeling for as brief as it may be, is that you have tied into one of the best emotions you can feel. How could we balance our lives without this positive feeling? It doesn’t seem possible to live a truly fulfilling life if we didn’t have this available in the wide range of emotions Human beings can generate. What can generate this is as wide ranging as Life itself, and varies from person to person. Happiness can come from the smallest things such as watching a Hummingbird as your drinking your morning coffee to those monumental occasions as the birth of your children.

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” 

-Mohandas Gandhi


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Happiness is Part of The Human Condition

Without it we would be a much different Society. You can see glimpse of this in impoverished countries as people struggle to survive, or people undergoing great stress such as serious health problems, personal tragedies or natural disasters. The absence of Happiness is quite apparent. And yet we have the amazing ability to overcome these events and tragedies, and eventually restore the balance in our lives. With that comes the return of happiness in some form or another. It could be something as unexpected as words coming from your kids, a funny moment that caused you to laugh generating another positive emotion that can generate a sense of happiness, with this comes a feeling that however great the adversity you face you will see it through , it will be alright.

Smile of the Adversity

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“Give light and people will find the way.”

 -Ella Baker

 “Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.”

-Nido Qubein 

What brings on Happiness?

Some seem to accomplish happiness through living a lifestyle that tunes into the more positive side of life. Whether its through exercise, proper nutrition, they strive for the sense of well being that brings on the feeling of happiness. While others just seem to have a natural born ability to live a positive life and see the beauty that others walk right by without noticing. And yet most of us probably find happiness or happiness finds us in varying degrees throughout our daily struggles. The common thread is we all seem to seek it, one way or another. Its critical in how we judge our lives and determining where we are in life. It’s a feeling that’s not easy to fake or live without for a long period of time. Its also something we can see in others which tells us where they are in their lives, call it an emotional thermometer that all Human beings are capable of reading in just a few moments. And yet Happiness with all its powerful effects can be brought on by looking at a photograph, so how complicated can it be? So fleeting a moment, and yet so strong the effects. Leaves us wanting to have it in our lives constantly. But as luck would have it we have a wide range of emotions and life experiences competing for attention that make Happiness sometime the briefest of all our emotions to enjoy. It’s the Jewel in the crown of life that resides with Love and Hope that makes life’s struggle worth the toil its sometimes demands of us.

Happiness is Elusive

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